Regional Group of Institutions - RGI, Gurgaon


Management education in India has three different segments. On the one end are the top 50 or so reputed institutes like the IIMs, XLRI and the like.

  Endowed with best of faculty, resources and corporate support they have built a reputation for being truly a class in themselves. They attract the best of students to work with and provide to the corporate world best of managers. Unfortunately, they together cater to less than 5% of management aspirants each year. At the other end of the spectrum are management departments of numerous government.

Universities – they charge virtually nothing, change virtually nothing for the students who come for the ‘MBA degree’ expecting virtually nothing from them in terms of their development or employability.

This estimated to cater to about 20% of the aspiring MBAs. This creates a space for a third category to emerge. In the recent decades B-schools have mushroomed in cities and fields around cities in India. Driven mostly by real estate and black money, faulty regulation, they are set up by land owners or politicians or others with no credentials in the field of education with objectives ranging from land grabbing, acquiring respect in the society, making money, appreciation through real estate or channelizing unaccounted money.These MBA-shops fleece big time creating huge campuses, glossy brochures, wide spread advertising and admission funnels that creates false promises.They have contributed little leaving students distraught, parents devastated, and employers dissatisfied & unwilling. Great business – no school.

Where does a student with limited means but aspiring to be an MBA go? Regional Group of Institutions was a revolutionary educational initiative to create a 4th category for this very student. A group of alumni from leading B-schools like IIM-XLRI got together to create a B-school that will endeavor to meet the requirements of the corporate world through quality academics and corporate linkages and at affordable fee. Regional Group – a movement that will shake up the lords of MBA education ecosystem forever and make available quality education to Indian students. The first campus of Regional Group of Institutions was inaugurated in Gurgaon, delhi-NCR on May 13, 2009 and first batch was admitted for the 2009-11 session.