ISME -International School Of Management Excellence- Bangalore


ISME was founded in 2006 by alumni from CMU, Purdue and Wharton, USA. Many of ISME’s faculty have international experience or are alumni from top colleges outside India. ISME was established with the vision of serving the society’s educational needs and raising the bar of management education in India.

All Post Graduate and Undergraduate students of ISME get a global exposure through the International Experiential Study at Singapore. Students have workshops in top universities of Singapore, industry visits in multi-national companies and also get an opportunity to stay in the hostel of one of the leading Singapore colleges and interact with international students from around the world. ISME also provides opportunities for students to attend London School of Economics’ Summer School, UK .

ISME has academic partnerships with Carleton University, Canada, one of the leading universities in North America and Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.