IILM Academy of Higher Learning Jaipur


IILM Academy of Higher Learning Jaipur is an institute initiated to impart quality education to the youth while equipping them with knowledge and skills which would enable them to leave their individual marks in the business world. IILM Academy of Higher Learning strives to create a niche of talented managers who make meaningful contributions to global businesses. Offering academic programs postgraduate levels, IILM allows aspiring managers to get a comprehensive view of the business world.

Key Themes

  • Commitment to an exceptional student experience
  • Proactive alumni engagement
  • International linkages that promote understanding and sensitivity to diverse markets and culture
  • Safe environment and enabling infrastructure
  • Transparent and seamless communication with students and parents, faculty and staff, alumni, and employers

Fees Structure

Course Fees
PGDM 4,00,000/-

500.00Apply College